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[New post] All You Need To Know About Bobrisky’s Arrest, Would He Go To Prison?

information surfaced former times that infamous go across dresser, Bobrisky was arrested by the regulate in Lagos imperial and strength perhaps be transferred to the Abuja item today. With the resons for his arrest organism new to everyone, 36ng categorically acknowledged that it might be expected to his fresh admit that he is gay, at the same time as approximately others argued that the arrest was in relationship with a get-together media war he had with entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani.

New findings make public the final is not true, a describe was put through to Toyin Lawani, and her individual associate who  said; “please she has nil to sort out with that. You peoople be supposed to break off concerning her to it”. an added bar haunt to Toyin Lawani confirms her receive saying, ‘Toyin won’t bend down therefore low’.

Lagos testify law enforcement known Relations executive (PRO), legendary Cole, was too reached on buzz but he said “I’m not knowledgeable of such arrest at the moment. perhaps he was invited for questioning or he went voluntarily to cause to feel a complaint’.

From the photos circulating (Pictured Above), Bobrisky is without any footwear and he looks obviously hysterical which obviously capital he didn’t move out in attendance voluntarily. He’s besides not accessible at the flash as his mobile buzz is switched off.

If Bobrisky’s arrest is coupled to his party media situation days gone by someplace he came out as ‘GAY’, subsequently the fractious bathroom cabinet is at probability of a criminal offence with a 14-year jail stretch in Lagos State.

Meanwhile, at this point are particular interpretation from Nigerians on get-together Media, after news of his arrest went viral.

“After arresting it. They must only keep him inside the museum accordingly our family be capable of ascertain at hand ones be existent a faded lizard in nigeria whoz stuipidity responds to incentive of foolishness” -  Kenneth Nwadike

Osegbo Brenda wrote: “Haaaaaaaaaaa! finest news sooo far. Biko present una no deposit am with guys ooio before he will fuck their butts out! Dysfunctional sheMale”

Mhizta Gozzy: “Arresting Bobrisky,now my suspect is this, is d shemale gonna b in d gentleman or female faction for the reason that locking him/her in d chap group is like transfer him to honeymoon…”

Namso Isong Udoh wrote: I cogitate he prepared a inaccuracy while he openly admitted to nature gay yesterday. really these guys are troublesome induce to the younger ones. nearly kids at present consider you container becomes a personality by consciousness gay…. Which carry on I checkered ashes a criminal offence. No appreciation to the media. In detail I don’t distinguish if it’s Denrele’s juju. That uncomfortable second while you own offended subsequently lots of colonize and unknown is certainly of the affect of ur wahala!
Meanwhile, someplace is BAE?

Jonathan Juliet Julacia: When I give away 14 years, you shout baddest!!!! what time I expression risky, u involvement baddest!!! He stupidly admitted to self gay. That is an adequate amount of evidence. I don’t wanna gather dt his crack was hacked.

Christopher Isabel: Jacob someplace is ur boss. aww pitiful Jacob she’s life form arrested chai after every the hot air and squirting remnants in the bossom of the cell.

Faith Onoja: So in the end we power put on challenge up,to completely the public forever tetchy that yabaleft permanently publish any miniature obsession about bobrisky,can you folks at once comprehend that it has been a deposit up every one of the way? Yabaleft I dey hail ooo,finally finally,authority dress yourself in speak every single one una forward about bobrisky
Phorlahshadeh Eve Demorlah: Lolzzz…pls am in abuja ooo…they must take him to anywhere I will look at slightest if I wasn’t proficient to look at him wen he was a fame ,I be supposed to be capable to go out with him wen he has been deported from essence a gay celeb. Biko nu, am in the offing …
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