AUDIO: Endeetone ft. Jaywillz – Medicine (Cover)

May 29th, 2023

Endeetone ft. Jaywillz – Medicine [Cover]
Baby baby bae
Onoooo music Ix Bombastic ye ye
Thanks to a few luck coincidence[baby]
Girl am ready for the consequences[owuiheowu]
I woke up, I chose your happiness [cheiiii]
Let tomorrow be the evidence
Slip into the old (dreams all night)
Let the haters do there worst (I don’t care)
And if I say I love you girl I mean it( i don’t give a damn)
Omalitcha you dey give me vibe
You’re a master masterpiece
I swear nothing better than this
You be the Angel in my dreams
Girl what have you done to me
Fulfillment of my destiny
Feel like there is no air to breathe
Bless my day with your smile in it
Together we make family
This is a love song I don’t need no blues
U be my suga I don need no juice
Baby loving you is a must
What have I done girl I have no clue
From a distance girl am feeling groove
Steady on the grind I have been am making
moves cause I wan satisfy ya. Coz you my
medicine, gurl
(l don’t wanna lose you)
coz you my remedy oooooo
(l don’t wanna lose you)x2
When you wake for morning
(l don’t wan use u )x2
I go dey by your side (all night)x2
(l don’t wanna lose you)
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